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Planetary Pod Racing

A racing simulation game built specifically for Discord. It is the first Discord Bot to integrate Discord Servers as a main section of the gameplay. Explore, Scavenge, and Race your way across the multiverse

Platform: Discord

Status: In Development

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Last Call for Alcohol

Last Call for Alcohol is a drinking party game that is quick to learn, but hard to master. Read your opponents, develop your strategy and make sure to hold the lowest number by the end of the round.

Platform: Tabletop

Status: Complete

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Die This World

Die This World is a virtual reality destruction game where players wreak as much havoc on Earth as possible while controlling advanced alien crafts with powerful weapons. Rampage meets Destroy all Humans... IN VR!

Platform: Virtual Reality

Status: In Development

Who is Knightmare Games?

Knightmare Games is an independent game development studio working on creative experiences for every platform you can imagine. We are based in Denver, Colorado but are a fully distributed team covering the bases from engineering to animation. We are always looking for talented people to join with full-time projects, part-time projects, and Game Jams. If you are interested in becoming part of our growing community, please get in touch on Discord.

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